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Washington DC Weddings

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Washington, DC
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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Washington DC. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Washington DC area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Washington DC wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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The Washington DC area has much to offer you when planning your wedding. This is your big day, so there is no surprise you have chosen to hold the wedding in such a location. You have been dreaming about this day all of your life. You know exactly what will make up the wedding of your dreams. By choosing the Washington DC area, you are choosing a location with the versatility and the class to help you live your dream.

The many different venues available to you in the Washington DC area make it very easy to find the perfect location. Whether you are looking to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, there are many great locations to choose from. You can choose something as highly unique as a national landmark. You can also choose the elegance many of the area hotels have to offer.

The many different vendors in the Washington DC area make it easy to have all the accoutrements you envision as being a part of your wedding. You can choose the photographer who will preserve the memory as well as the floral designer who will make your all important bouquet. When you choose the Washington DC area, you can have it all.

From The Blog
Flowers Flowers Flowers

Posted under Wedding Day Details

Flowers Flowers are the most common wedding decoration. Adding an array of color and scents, flowers are versatile and can be used in an number of themes. In addition to stationary flowers posted around the reception, most brides also carry a bouquet down the aisle. If you want flowers at your wedding, then consider the following advice. Price You should have a budget at this point. How much is allotted for flowers, or decorations in particular? Knowing the limit on the flowers you can get will help you narrow down the options to the few most favored type. Style Once you know the approximate price that you have to stay within, it times to pick a theme. What is the overall theme of the reception going to be? A simple wedding or a large one? Will the reception have an array of decorations, or will it be simple? What type of flowers do you envision? Traditional flowers are still the most common, but herbs and other less traditional plants also being implemented. Garden themes ...continue »
Wedding Videographer Considerations

Posted under Wedding Planning

At one time photography was the only method of recording a wedding. Then, with the invention of the camcorder, both photography and videography where utilized. However, older camcorders where large and cumbersome, and usually required a skilled professional with expensive equipment to run. Most recently, digital camcorders are the norm when it comes to recording a wedding. Hard drive camcorders offer the ability to capture the ceremony in high quality digital video and to instantly place it onto a DVD. In addition, digital camcorders allow the video to be transferred to a computer, where someone with video editing knowledge will be able to edit it, and then place it onto multiple DVD's. Also, many professional services will take the captured video and create a large number of DVD's with professional printing and cases. Since digital camcorders are relatively cheap, a good majority of people own them. For this reason, the use of professional videographgers are reduced, as their pric ...continue »
Dealing With Wedding Day Stress

Posted under Wedding Day Details

Stress Dealing with the stress of a wedding can be very difficult. More than one wedding has been canceled due to the overwhelming stress and frustration. Learning to deal with situations and demands properly and how to relax properly are key to becoming overwhelmed. Be Organized Failing to organize causes extra stress. Losing phone numbers or other contacts, misplacing items, and forgetting about requirements all cause unnecessary burdens. Purchase an organizer and take the time to properly use it. Include numbers and contact information, as well as appointments and other scheduled events. Do not allow desks or work stations to become cluttered. Also have extra paper, pens, and contact cards available. Eat Properly Improper diets and dehydration both become problems during wedding preparations. Most feel that they don't have time to spare for eating, or often become so busy they don't realize they've gone 12 hours without food until the room is spinning and they are on the verge ...continue »
A Look At The Reception

Posted under Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are perhaps the most memorable aspect of a wedding. There are many different types of receptions, and each has a unique style. In addition to the decorations, there are many small aspects to consider when it comes to planning a good wedding. The first thing that needs to be determined is the date. Setting a date must be done before any other aspects of the reception can continue. A location will need to be booked, and depending on its popularity, the waiting time can be a year or more. Determining a date as early as possible will ensure that the preferred location is available. Once a date is set, making a budget of the available funds will set the guidelines for the rest of the planning. Having a set monetary figure will narrow down the options available and make final decisions easier. Decorations, location size, menus, music, etc. will all need to be determined by the final budget, so be sure to settle on a specific amount before booking entertainment. When ...continue »
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