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Dealing With Wedding Day Stress

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Dealing with the stress of a wedding can be very difficult. More than one wedding has been canceled due to the overwhelming stress and frustration. Learning to deal with situations and demands properly and how to relax properly are key to becoming overwhelmed.

Be Organized
Failing to organize causes extra stress. Losing phone numbers or other contacts, misplacing items, and forgetting about requirements all cause unnecessary burdens. Purchase an organizer and take the time to properly use it. Include numbers and contact information, as well as appointments and other scheduled events. Do not allow desks or work stations to become cluttered. Also have extra paper, pens, and contact cards available.

Eat Properly
Improper diets and dehydration both become problems during wedding preparations. Most feel that they don't have time to spare for eating, or often become so busy they don't realize they've gone 12 hours without food until the room is spinning and they are on the verge of passing out.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is also a problem, especially during the stressful time. The constant stress, as well as having to run many errands, leads into increased perspiration and faster water loss. Failing to drink a good amount of water will lead to lethargy, a cloudy mind, irritableness, muscle pains, and headaches.

Eating a drinking properly are important for clear thinking and prolonged energy. Even if you seem too busy to eat, think about the time that will be wasted by a hunger induced migraine that requires a few hours of sleep to eliminate.

Do some form of exercise. It will help your body feel refreshed and help eliminate tension and muscle aches. Exercising gives you a chance to concentrate on yourself and nothing else. Do a session of pilates or tai chi and stretch your muscles. Your body will thank you later.

Relaxation is necessary, and varies for ever person. It may come in the form of soft music, a good book, or a hot bath. Perhaps you relax best when watching an hour of mindless television. Whatever the method, taking time off from the wedding in order to think is essential for avoiding stress and burn out.

So many people find this difficult, but it is ultimately the most important. Sleeping helps the body rebuild muscle, replenish the skin, clean out the system – reset, in a way. Proper sleep will give the brain a chance to rest.

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