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Pink Flowers
Flowers are the most common wedding decoration. Adding an array of color and scents, flowers are versatile and can be used in an number of themes. In addition to stationary flowers posted around the reception, most brides also carry a bouquet down the aisle. If you want flowers at your wedding, then consider the following advice.

You should have a budget at this point. How much is allotted for flowers, or decorations in particular? Knowing the limit on the flowers you can get will help you narrow down the options to the few most favored type.

Once you know the approximate price that you have to stay within, it times to pick a theme. What is the overall theme of the reception going to be? A simple wedding or a large one? Will the reception have an array of decorations, or will it be simple? What type of flowers do you envision? Traditional flowers are still the most common, but herbs and other less traditional plants also being implemented.

Garden themes usually have a very large display of flowers and other plants. Colors will vary depending on the style. A mix of bold colors will make the plants very noticeable. However, more neutral or blending colors will make a simpler, less intrusive form of d├ęcor.

There are hundreds of different plant options. Each flower is unique in both sight and scent. Large, billowing flowers will be more noticeable than smaller patches. No matter the type of flower wanted, be sure to consider the season you will be wedding. Different plants and flowers are available at different times of the year. If there are specific flowers want, such as Sunflowers, than a reception day that falls within that season bracket will be necessary.

Use a Florist
Weddings are a stressful time. There are usually hundreds of decisions to make, and the stress may make it difficult to think of a color scheme. Flower theme, amount, or even location within the reception. If this proves to be the case, choosing a florist will make the process much more simple. If you are uncertain of what styles will be best, a florist will be able to make suggestions based on the information given. If you do know of a color scheme or certain plant type you want implemented, your florist can use that information to form a plan and layout for the reception.

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