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Selecting The Best Wedding Music

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Music is considered one of the most emotional elements of a wedding. The songs chosen for your wedding will always hold a special meaning, and picking ones that mean the most to you will assure that you still enjoy them in the years to come.

There are many different types of wedding music, including live and pre-recorder, or a mixture of both. Live bands offer a unique, personal touch to the songs, while pre-recorded songs will guarantee that hard copies can be secured and listened to many times.

Prerecorded music often comes in the form of CDs that are custom made with the specific songs. With more sophisticated music systems, mp3 files may be used. However, CD media is still the most common.

Live music will come in one of many forms. A solo vocalist may perform with a live band, play a single instrument, or sing to recorded music. Duets usually follow the same music methods as a soloist. If your wedding is going to take place in a church, live music will likely be the only option available, as most cathedrals don't allow recorded music during the ceremony.

The location and type of wedding will have a large impact on the type of music chosen. For example, a traditional wedding that has strong religious influences or overtones will likely be set in a cathedral or church. When set in a religious location, music parameters are usually set by the organization. Secular music is generally not allowed in the establishment.

On the other hand, a non-traditional or less conservative wedding will not have such strict music requirements. Secular or religious music, or any combination of each, will be welcomed.

Instrumentals are another popular form of wedding music. Instrumental music is nearly always performed live, and does not include a vocalist. This type of music is particularly favored for religious weddings and larger weddings, as it tends to calm the atmosphere and does not have the potential of offending anyone.

Finally, if live bands, duets, or vocalists are chosen, ask about recording options. Will the band offer a live recording of the song (recording the music as it's played at your wedding), or can you purchase a CD from them with the music they performed during your ceremony? Your wedding music will be treasured and having a hard copy will allow you to enjoy it many times.

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