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Wedding Guest Etiquette

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Washington DC Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette

Weddings are a time of celebration. Guests are expected to bring a gift of some sort to welcome the wedding couple into the new aspect of their lives. Choosing a good gift is an art. Poor gifts are often returned to the store, but a good gift is one that will still be used years later.

Avoid Embarrassment
When choosing a gift, do so in good taste. A gag gift, or other gift that may be embarrassing is usually frowned upon. The only people who tend to get away with these gifts are close friends and family members. Anyone else who attempts to give a 'gift' of this sort will usually end up as the embarrassed one.

The size of the gift does not matter. No one should feel pressured to give a large or expensive gift. Anything that is meaningful, or that can help the couple start their new lives together will be welcomed. Appliances, picture frames, dishes, and flat ware are all good gifts that can be relatively inexpensive. However, gifts like cleaning supplies, clothing, etc. should be avoided.

Often times, the couple may set up a gift registry with one or several stores. This registry will list many items that the couple is hoping for. If you can't think of an idea that they may like, consider something for their list. They won't be disappointed that you didn't get them something unique. Instead, they will be grateful for the item they need.

If gift buying is not your strongest asset, giving money instead, usually in the form of a check, is more than acceptable, and is a common practice. Many new couples have increased bills, and it usually takes times to adjust for those bills. Money as gifts can help the couple with any expenses they may have, and will be appreciated. Generally, money gifts come in amounts no lower than $50; the closer your relationship with the bride or groom, the larger the gift amount. However, any amount that you can give is good, as it is the thought that counts.

Failing to give a gift is usually considered poor taste. Unless the wedding is large, someone is likely to notice. Even if nothing is said, there will be comments made, and the general consensus is that every guest should give something. If you are not financially able to give something, than consider an alternative gift, such as babysitting for the couple of they have kids, etc.

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