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How to Avoid Wedding Stress

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Arguing on or before you wedding day is horrible. It strains the relationship, takes the joy out of the day, and can even result in a cancellation. Arguments happen for a variety of reasons, and are often the result of already existing stress. Lack of sleep, tension, or disagreements with other family members can lead to the couple acting short and snappy towards the other.

To avoid stressful weddings and to prevent arguing, the bride and groom should both decide on what they want out of the wedding.

Decide on the number of guests. Just because one person wants a large wedding does not mean the other does. Failing to ask the others opinion can lead to hurt feelings and arguments. If one person wants to have a small wedding while the other wants a full blow-out wedding, then a comprise will have to be made. Each will have to be willing to go a little above/below their wants in order to reach an agreement.

Some people are comfortable spending a lot of money on a large wedding. Others hate the thought of sending their parents or in-laws into debt. Deciding on a set amount that will be spent on the wedding will make it more enjoyable for each person. If the couple wants a wedding cheaper than the one their family wants to give them, they are going to have either confront them and risk an argument, or accept the wedding the way their family wants it.

Some weddings have bars. Other do not. If one of the soon to be married individuals feels uncomfortable with liquor at their wedding, for whatever reason, consider eliminating it, or limiting the amount sold to dinner only. Alcohol is a convenience and luxury, and is not needed; it certainly is not worth arguing over.

What type of wedding, aside from size, do you want? Does your spouse-to-be want the same type? Weddings can be sporty and clean, or religious and frilly. Comprise for the type of wedding wanted is necessary for both members of the couple to enjoy it. One should not remain quiet in hope of making the other happy. It is a day for both the enjoy, and everything can be compromised.

Working on the details and disagreements in a wedding is good practice for life after marriage. Never shout, resort to arguing, and always listen to what the other has to say.

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