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Wedding Invitation Overview

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Washington DC Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Weddings are not complete without guests. Making invitations and sending them to the appropriate people is one of the earliest steps to take. Knowing the number of guests who are coming will allow you to give a final number to the reception hall and catering service, as well as plan for the number of photographers needed.

Wedding invitations come in a variety of types, and depend on the type of wedding. For large weddings, professional printers will be needed, and a planner will get them sent out to the appropriate places. For smaller weddings, the invitations can be done either professionally or at home, with the appropriate software.

The design will usually depend on the overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you have specific colors that will be present, than using those colors for your invitations is a good idea. If your wedding is going to be simple, than a light design will be adequate. Pictures can be included, or artwork. Personal or commercial poetry, fun facts, or even a joke can be added.

If you wish to make your own cards, but the number that needs to be cut and printed are too great, than look for a printing service that deals with cards. You can usually take a high quality copy of the card, or a file with the design on it, and specify the type of paper it should be printed on.

If the amount of guests are few, however, than printing can be done at home with a good quality laser printer. Paper purchased in bulk and extra toner will be the most expensive aspect of the endeavor, but also remember to budget for time and mailing costs.

Making your own cards is the best way to get a very personalized touch, but professional printers will often be flexible also.

There are certain things that need to be included on the invitation, no matter the design chosen. Failing to include this information will result in guests not understanding the need to RSVP or some other important aspect.

? Official Announcement
? Parents Names
? The Engaged Couples names
? Contact Information
? Date
? Location
? Special requirements
? Whether the party is RSVP or regents.

Making your own cards is a unique form of expression that sets the first tone for the rest of your wedding. The most important aspect to making invitations is to have fun.

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