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A Look At The Reception

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Washington DC Wedding Articles » Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are perhaps the most memorable aspect of a wedding. There are many different types of receptions, and each has a unique style. In addition to the decorations, there are many small aspects to consider when it comes to planning a good wedding.

The first thing that needs to be determined is the date. Setting a date must be done before any other aspects of the reception can continue. A location will need to be booked, and depending on its popularity, the waiting time can be a year or more. Determining a date as early as possible will ensure that the preferred location is available.

Once a date is set, making a budget of the available funds will set the guidelines for the rest of the planning. Having a set monetary figure will narrow down the options available and make final decisions easier. Decorations, location size, menus, music, etc. will all need to be determined by the final budget, so be sure to settle on a specific amount before booking entertainment.

When determining the cost of the wedding, be sure to take into consider the date. The prices of locations likely vary by date. A wedding in the middle of the week will be cheaper than a wedding on Sunday (generally the most expensive), and a wedding in the middle of winter will be cheaper than a June summertime reception.

The amount of guests will need to be estimated next. A large number of reception halls will have a 'per head' fee, meaning each guest will need to be paid for. Having a finite number is generally not recommended, as there are nearly always one or two uninvited guests who show up. While the reception hall will require a specific number, estimating a few more guests (10 – 20, etc) will allow you to budget for any unexpected costs.

After the date, budget, and guest number has been decided on, shopping around for a good location is the final step in planning a reception. Visit many locations, take a full tour of the facilities, and watch for any signs of poor service. The location should have a good reputation and offer clean real estate. Be sure to ask about the various packages, included services, and payment information. Obtaining information brochures and comparing several different reception halls is a good way to determine which is the best choice for your wedding.

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